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Holding a B.A in English literature. Mastering various linguistic fields which are gained through academic study and work experience. These fields include editing, writing and translation which enhances communication skills, both oral and written. Fluency in English has been acquired through living and studying abroad for 5 years in childhood which makes it easy to connect with tourists and visitors with different traditions and cultures. A Furthermore, possessing varied characteristics that polishinterpersonal communication skills. I am outgoing with friendly, easy to connect and capable of building solid relationships. Ambitious,conscientious and energetic individual with a strong academic background and the tenacity and motivation to achieve challenging targetsin a variety of working environments. A responsible and reliable person with strong time management skills and the versatility to fit easily into any environment. Linguistic skills are innate passion. Proficiency in translation along with oral and written communication. Which helps in successfully accomplishing any linguistic tasks.

I would like to work with you in as an interpreter and translator. I could help in Interpretaion of tours. That is, interpreting and translating of guided tours. In addition to translation of any written materials whether that of hotels, affiliated websites in the tourism field. Moreover, I could help tourists and travelers set their tours according to their needs.

Spoken languages: Arabic, English


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